Who is Eligible for Free Math Tutoring? 

Current middle and high school students are eligible for free math tutoring on G Math Pages. Anyone can access the math resources posted on this site. 


To receive free math tutoring through G Math Pages, you must verify your status as a current middle or high school student by completing a verification form. The form asks for a current student ID or email verification from a teacher. If you are verified, you will become a site member and have access to schedule tutoring sessions, join scheduled classes, and ask questions through the site chat.  

How G Math Pages Benefits Students

G Math Pages is a place where I provide free individualized help and online tutoring. I create a plan for each student that includes their future goals and learning objectives for the time that I work with them. The goal of the this experience is to help students form an understanding of why success in math is important and to help them accomplish it. 

If you would like more information you can contact me at gmathpages@gmail.com

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